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Our team has used edgy and innovative technical solutions to increase the earnings of hundreds of businesses. Marketing, domains and websites – that is just one part of the whole package that we will provide to you. We guarantee satisfaction, quality of work and, as icing on the cake, trust that cannot be broken.

Discussing your goals

Whether you want a new website or platform, marketing services or something else, we will discuss it. Why? Well, because we believe that conversation is the best possible first step. We will learn about your needs, desires and wishes, and you will learn about our possibilities and advantages, as well as why we are the best option for you.
Seize the opportunity for getting the things you want, while making money from it – when you try it for the first time, you won't get enough!

Learning about our services

When we get the chance to learn what are your goals, that it will be the time for us to present to you the best possible offers, services and option for you. We'll enhance your visitors' user experience while also boosting revenue. It has never been simpler or more profitable to integrate adverts!
Interested yet? Well, that is not event the best part!

Targeting your audience

Any firm must target a specific demographic, but it is more important for anything related to digital marketing. You are aware that it is difficult to speak with everybody at once. Putting your customers' needs first will help your business grow while also saving you time and money!

Express results

When you have a reputation of one of the leading high-performance team like we do, you don't settle for nothing less than delivering results on time! This way we are contributing to your overall strategy, organizational skills and success of your team.


Whether you are interested in marketing, copywriting or app and software development – you came to the right place. From affiliate and digital marketing to SEO – we have it all! Your requests will be fulfilled by the top experts in their industry that we have to offer.
Marketing services

Marketing services

Before anything else, we have a goal to help our clients in creating and implementing successful digital marketing strategies. Once we have a clear picture of who you are and what you have already done, than we assist you in creating an overall plan for specific marketing campaigns.

Software distribution

Software distribution

Delivering software to the end user is another one of our offerings. In today's environment, where everything is rapidly becoming digital, we wanted to make sure that we cover everything that you need, so that you can be up to date with the world's trends.



At last, we came to the best part – MONETIZATION. It is the process of turning something into money, to put it simply. If you choose to think about monetization, you have a lot of options. From advertising to affiliate marketing – the choice is yours.

Thoughtfully Developed Products


We are Limited Charm. An independent brand that has been in the Western Balkans for many years.
We make sure that your health, immunity and beauty are always protected by the best natural treatments.
Hundreds of rigorous tests precede the production. We invest in tested laboratory equipment and operate one of the most advanced production facilities in the Western Balkans. We carefully research each plant, confirm its identity and properties, before the production process. This is how we ensure the purpose of each plant and product, because your satisfaction comes first.


With Monadon CZ, you won't have to worry about the efficiency and recognition of your company - experts in each field whose services you need will make sure that you never ask for services from any other agency. And you know why? Because innovation, creation and domination are something that represents our ultimate goals, regardless of which client it is. If you want to know more, press the „contact“ button below, and get in touch with us!